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California Firefighters Memorial Expansion

The California Firefighters Memorial in Capitol Park serves as a permanent reminder of the heroism of the firefighter profession.  The California Fire Foundation remains steadfast in its commitment to honor these souls in a way they deserve to be remembered.

The sad reality of the profession is that, every year, we lose more of our bravest and most dedicated individuals in the line of duty. The Memorial Wall now carries more than 1,500 names — nearly twice the number when it was unveiled just two decades ago.

Our ability to provide this essential tribute depends on expanding the California Firefighters Memorial. The California Fire Foundation is implementing a plan to expand the current memorial so that all those we lose in the line of duty will be honored in this most solemn of tributes.

To make this a reality, we need your help.

The Memorial was built, and is maintained, entirely through private fund raising — much of it coming from firefighters themselves. We welcome donations large and small to keep this most fitting of tributes as a legacy for our brave fallen brothers and sisters for years to come. For more information on the Memorial expansion please contact

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